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The Pinpoint Pager uses the long-established POCSAG communication protocol and operates on UHF in the 456-460MHz band.


The paging device has an LCD screen which can display 2 lines, of 20 characters each, at the same time, with longer messages running on to easily-accessible additional ‘pages’.

The Pager has a durable plastic case which is fitted into a custom, rubber boot, providing excellent protection to knocks or being dropped and is powered by a single, user-replaceable AA battery.

When a call on the Pinpoint System is activated, notifications can be transmitted to the Pager device to identify the type and source of a call.

Use of onsite Paging requires provision of a suitable Paging Transmitter (which Pinpoint can supply) and, in most cases, a System Supervisor to convert the standard Pinpoint alarms into the appropriate paging format.

While we continue to support traditional communication devices such as  the Pinpoint Pager, we have specifically developed a new mobile app which aims to replace our paging system. With greater functionality,  reliability and with a range of customisation features, the Mobile App  is the ideal solution for any workplace environment.


  • Operates on UHF in the 456-460MHz band

  • Uses industry-standard POCSAG protocol

  • Options for 512 or 1200bps (baud)


  • Site-wide communication, dependant on suitable environmental conditions

  • LCD screen capable of displaying 2 lines of 20 characters at a time

  • Audible tones and/or vibration to notify receipt of new messages


  • Robust and durable

  • Small and portable

  • Powered by an AA Battery (Lithium batteries recommended)

Datasheet - Pager

The Pinpoint Pager is a one-way wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric messages.

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