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To help staff when responding to a call on the INSTANTalarm® 5000 System, Over Door Lights (ODLs) provide identification of an alarm activation outside of a room.

Over Door Lights (ODLs)

The ODLs can be programmed to respond to different levels of call with color variants which can be customized using a hand-held programmer.

Standard colors include red, green, yellow, blue, orange, pink, cyan and magenta. For any custom colors, please contact us. The ODL can also be programmed to respond to two different address ranges to create a follow-my-leader configuration. An integral Sounder is also available.


  • Can respond to one address, or a group of addresses


LEDs capable of producing a range of colors


  • ABS plastic molded Fascia

  • Practical lens design enabling 360degree viewing angle

Datasheet - Sounder

The External Sounder (I365) is used to audibly alert staff. Sound is an important part of the System as a whole - in order for colleagues to respond they must be aware that a call has been made.

Datasheet - Over Door Light

The Total Over Door Light (TODL) is designed to be positioned on the Data Ring and is configured to respond to a single addressable unit or one of a range of units.

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