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Call buttons can be configurated to suit a range of different user requirements.

Call Buttons

Call Buttons are available in either single or double-gang size. Standard Units have an orange Call Button and a reassurance LED. As well as this, a Reset Key Switch, a Disarm Key Switch or a ceiling Pull Cord can also be added. Units that trigger different levels of response (e.g Emergency or Assistance) are also available.

Call Buttons are 'shared' or 'addressable' units which are connected to an Infrared Receiver Unit. These units have a white facia and are manufactured from ABS (incorporating Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology) for maximum survival in hostile environments.


  • Available in double or single gang

  • Shared or addressable call buttons available


  • Up to 3 call levels per unit available

  • Different types of call levels to choose from


  • Available in single or double gang size

  • White fascia manufactured from robust ABS

  • Incorporates Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology to minimise risk of bacteria build up

Datasheet - Single Gang Call Button

The Single Gang Programmable Call Button Unit (I166 Series) can be set to emit any level of call (Patient Call, Emergency, Medical Emergency, etc).

Datasheet - Double Gang Call Button

The Double Gang Call Button Unit acts as an external trigger to addressable units, such as the Infrared Receiver Unit (IRU).

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