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The latest ‘15-minute patient check solution’ feature from Pinpoint helps minimize any risk of missing vital patient checks, as every check is now automatically logged electronically using Incilog Software.

Patient Check

Developed to work alongside our INSTANTalarm® 5000 Badge PITs, the latest 15 Minute Patient Check Pad automatically and electronically stores all information, creating a database of visits, removing any admin requirements from healthcare professionals.

The Pinpoint bed check panels are hard-wired. This reduces any errors due to interference or connectivity issues. For the patient check to register, the nurse’s Badge PIT must touch the bed check panel, therefore ensuring that the nurse has entered the room or approached the bed to check on the patient.


  • Integrates wirelessly with Badge PIT and Incilog software


  • Includes blue activation reassurance LED


  • White single gang fascia

  • Manufactured from robust polycarbonate/ABS

  • Incorporates Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology to minimize risk of bacteria build up

Datasheet - Patient Check Pad

The Patient Check Pad (I126) is used with an IRU with Patient Check (I595.8), an Incilog Comms with Incilog Software and Patient CallCheck (I352.9) and a Badge PIT with Wireless Call Reset (I216.6/I216.7).

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