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  • Datasheet - Alphanumeric Display Unit (ADU)

    The Alphanumeric Display Unit (ADU) incorporates a 4-line by 20 character back-lit LCD which, when activated, will display up to 32 characters defining the precise location of an incident.

  • Datasheet - Badge PIT

    The Badge PIT (Personal Infrared Transmitter) operates as both a PIT and a standard ID badge holder.

  • Datasheet - Clint Interface Unit

    The Cloud Interface (CLINT) is a unit which allows a system to be linked with Mobile Alert.

  • Datasheet - Double Gang Call Button

    The Double Gang Call Button Unit acts as an external trigger to addressable units, such as the Infrared Receiver Unit (IRU).

  • Datasheet - Infrared Receiver Unit (IRU)

    The Infrared Receiver Unit (IRU) receives the infrared signal sent out by transmitters, such as PITs, and transmits the location and level of call across the system.

  • Datasheet - Mobile Defender 1

    The Defender Phone 1 for Mobile Alert is a mobile phone pre-loaded with the Pinpoint Mobile Alert app.

  • Datasheet - Mobile Defender 2

    The Defender Phone 2 for Mobile Alert is a mobile phone pre-loaded with the Pinpoint Mobile Alert app.

  • Datasheet - Over Door Light

    The Total Over Door Light (TODL) is designed to be positioned on the Data Ring and is configured to respond to a single addressable unit or one of a range of units.

  • Datasheet - Pager

    The Pinpoint Pager is a one-way wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric messages.

  • Datasheet - Patient Check Pad

    The Patient Check Pad (I126) is used with an IRU with Patient Check (I595.8), an Incilog Comms with Incilog Software and Patient CallCheck (I352.9) and a Badge PIT with Wireless Call Reset (I216.6/I216.7).

  • Datasheet - PC Alert App

    Pinpoint PC Alert is software that brings the INSTANTalarm® 5000 System to your PC, giving the user all the advantages of having a personal Pinpoint Display shown conveniently on their computer screen.

  • Datasheet - Perpetual PIT

    The Perpetual PIT Mk2 (I312) is a Personal Infrared Transmitter to be used by staff to activate the system.

  • Datasheet - Single Gang Call Button

    The Single Gang Programmable Call Button Unit (I166 Series) can be set to emit any level of call (Patient Call, Emergency, Medical Emergency, etc).

  • Datasheet - Sounder

    The External Sounder (I365) is used to audibly alert staff. Sound is an important part of the System as a whole - in order for colleagues to respond they must be aware that a call has been made.

  • Datasheet - System Supervisor Unit (SSU)

    The System Supervisor Unit (SSU) is a PC-based design which is used to monitor the status of all main units in the INSTANTalarm®5000 System (this includes products such as Receiver Units and Programmable Call Buttons).

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