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The Pinpoint, Inc. website has been designed in accordance with best practice design.

Website Accessibility

Accessibility Policy

Several accessibility functions have been built in to the site, and  along with the features pre-built in to the web browser of your choice,  the Pinpoint website should be as accessible as possible to all user  groups.

Adjusting text size in your browser

By default, all text will be shown in its relative size  however, this can be resized to your preference from within your  browser.

Internet Explorer - use the View > Text Size menu.
Firefox - use the View > Increase Text Size option.
Chrome - use the View > Text Zoom menu
Safari – press the “command” key and “+” to increase font size or use “view” and increase the text size from the menu.


Images have alt text where possible. The alt attribute provides an alternative to the image and describes its purpose.

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